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Other Resources that Mark hoca recommends

The following are a series of quizzes on topics that are super important.

The topics and quizzes are sorted from easier to harder.

There will be some answers that confuse you - I guarantee it. Also, you may have a correct answer that isn't on the list (clever you)! Therefore, you should make a note of these confusing examples and bring them to class so that we can discuss them.

Tenses Generally

  • TG1 Choose from a list by test-english

  • TG2 Choose from a list by Grammar Wiz

Conditionals & Modals

  • C1 Mixed by UsingEnglish

  • C2 Choose from list by test-english

  • C3 Gap fill by Grammar Quizzes

Present Perfect Tense

  • PP1 Chose from a list by test-english

  • PP2 Fill in the gaps by englishpage

  • PP3 Fill in the gaps by Perfect English Grammar


  • T1 Choose from a list by ProProfs

  • T2 Choose from a list by test-english

  • T3 Choose from a list by GrammarBank

  • T4 Mixed with theory by Miami Dade College

Perfect Tenses

  • P1 Mixed by ProProfs

  • P2 Multi-choice by

Gerunds & Infinitives

  • GI1 Gap fill by Perfect English Grammar

  • GI2 Choose from list by test-english

  • GI3 Choose from list by ELT Base


Since transitioning from being an accounting professional to a content creator,  educator and more, I've discovered that I can be very creative.

In fact, I love to dream-up unique, fun and exciting ways of delivering services to people like you.

I prefer to create my own English development resources that challenge you and thus, ensure that you are learning quickly and effectively.

Whilst this is not the full list of resources, it's a good snap-shot of the best of what has been created over a period of more than 10+ years.

I truly hope you get a lot of value and enjoyment through using them.

Mark hoca

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