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Other Resources that Mark hoca recommends

The following are a series of quizzes on topics that are super important.

The topics and quizzes are sorted from easier to harder.

There will be some answers that confuse you - I guarantee it. Also, you may have a correct answer that isn't on the list (clever you)! Therefore, you should make a note of these confusing examples and bring them to class so that we can discuss them.

Tenses Generally

  • TG1 Choose from a list by test-english

  • TG2 Choose from a list by Grammar Wiz

Conditionals & Modals

  • C1 Mixed by UsingEnglish

  • C2 Choose from list by test-english

  • C3 Gap fill by Grammar Quizzes

Present Perfect Tense

  • PP1 Chose from a list by test-english

  • PP2 Fill in the gaps by englishpage

  • PP3 Fill in the gaps by Perfect English Grammar


  • T1 Choose from a list by ProProfs

  • T2 Choose from a list by test-english

  • T3 Choose from a list by GrammarBank

  • T4 Mixed with theory by Miami Dade College

Perfect Tenses

  • P1 Mixed by ProProfs NEW

  • P2 Multi-choice by NEW

Gerunds & Infinitives

  • GI1 Gap fill by Perfect English Grammar

  • GI2 Choose from list by test-english

  • GI3 Choose from list by ELT Base


Since transitioning from being an accounting professional to a content creator, life coach, support buddy, educator and more, I've discovered that I can be very creative.

In fact, I love to dream-up unique, fun and exciting ways of delivering services to people like you.

To this end, I prefer to create my own English development resources to ensure that classes are not only educational but also entertaining.

Whilst this is not the full list of resources, it's a good snap-shot of the best of what has been created over a period of more than 10 years.

I truly hope you get a lot of value and enjoyment through using them.

Mark hoca

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