Writing for Speaking!


The key to great speaking is being understood.

You do this by:​

  • using suitable words

  • pronouncing the words correctly

  • connecting your ideas

and .. putting it all together in meaningful sentences.

For most learners, the last part - making sentences - is the hardest part.

A powerful technique you can use at home to improve your speaking is to write short paragraphs and then have your writing checked.

Part 1 - Choose a topic

Your best future awaits you ...

Of course, you can write about any topic you like. If you have your own topic, that's great!

If you need inspiration, look here.

Or, if you struggle for ideas, you will find something interesting here:

Part 2 - Write your story

It's best to use Google Docs, because then we can look at the writing together and make corrections and improvements. Learn how to share your doc here.

Write at least 150 words. You can write more if you want to.

Part 3 - Sent it to Your Teacher and Discuss It in Class!

Prepare for class by:

  • getting ready to talk about your ideas

  • thinking of additional comments about your topic

  • creating some questions to ask your teacher

Getting better everyday...

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