Communicate powerfully through

socially, in exams, at work


How to: Speak with ease

Use this powerful 3-step technique...

Step 1 ___

Search online for an article on a topic that interests you.

If you're not sure where to look - try Dreamreader

Print out the article or copy it to your mobile or computer.

Step 2 ___

Do something that makes you look like an idiot. No really, I mean it!

Here's an example of Professor Alexander Arguelles working on his Chinese.

Just like the professor, read your article aloud, .

Walking in a nature park is optional! 

Step 3 ___

Using your own ideas or summarising the ideas in the article, write your own short story about your chosen topic. Aim to be talking for 3-5 minutes.

Review your writing to reduce errors and improve its quality.

Step 4 ___

Okay, I lied. There are 4 steps and this one is the most important.

4.1 Use your mobile or computer to record yourself reading aloud the piece that you wrote.

4.2 Listen to yourself. WARNING This might be painful!

4.3 Think about how you can:

  • speak more clearly

  • use less "ah", "erm" .. noises

  • reduce the number of empty gaps or pauses

  • mix the tone of your voice

4.4 Repeat parts 4.1 - 4.3 until you have a good quality speech.


When you have completed everything, send it all to Mark hoca:

  • your final writing draft

  • your first recording

  • your last recording



You did it!

Getting better everyday...

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