Help Those You Love by Following Up

Something I learnt from my mother is that it's vitally important to let people know how they can help you.

So often it happens that someone is desperately struggling with life and when they finally summon the courage to raise their hand to say "Help!" (rest assured that this is no small task), they feel great for the moment, but it quickly fades and life sadly returns to its painful norm.

This is generally due to the fact that upon seeing the "Help!" cry, messages of support flood in from across the globe only to be followed by dead silence. Thus, the loved one who is suffering feels the love and support for a day and then often, on the subsequent day, the clouds return to bring their mind back into a state or turmoil.

It's a shame for both parties as not only does this person want support, but those who care for them would also love to be able to provide the best assistance they can, yet aren't sure what to do other than a quick "Chin up", "Love you", "You can do it"...

Speaking personally, one thing that I believe will make a significant difference to both parties is to simply follow-up.

I was recently in this exact situation myself and actually wasn't expecting any support and so was blown away by the love and kindness that I received after posting a message on social media. However, the next day, those feelings had largely dissipated and certainly two days later had disappeared.

So it was with great joy that I received a message on the third day from a friend who asked for an update on my condition. It made me feel valued and gave me the impetus to take another step.

~ a better life for all ~

Getting better everyday...

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