Flying High

In the beginning of April 2019, I had a series of great exchanges with people: some making efforts to assist me - others making me feel at ease so I could be myself. Thanks to Ceyda, the Danyal family, Mürsel, Yeliz and Zafer!

After this period, I was flabbergasted to realise that I had not taken my anti-anxiety medication for 3 days. Having been surviving on drugs for over 15 years, you can easily understand my shock.

Essentially, I was flying high.

The challenge I'm facing now is handling the downswings. My best analogy is two sine waves. One reflects the past, whereby my senses were numbed so that the highs weren't so high and the lows weren't so low. We could call this the "Less joyful, but more manageable" version of life.

The other reflects perhaps maniacal behaviour to someone looking from the outside.

What does this all mean for you?

One of the most important skills you can have for "life" is the ability to deal with "shit".

P.S. Breathing helps too ;)


Getting better everyday...

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