Ever Wish You Had Acted Differently?

What separates those who achieve greatness from those who wallow in mediocrity is the courage to act. Unfortunately, last weekend, I feel into the latter category.

I was with a group of 300 people who were on a "pilgrimage" with their "teacher/leader".

After paying their respects to their deceased "saint", they moved into a courtyard where warm soup was being served.

I too joined the queue to receive some soup, but became so upset at what I saw that I had to leave the courtyard.

Instead of calmly forming a queue and waiting their turn, a significant proportion of this group fought to be among the first to get their soup. I mean, we were just talking about soup here. And to make matters worse, we are all supposedly friends!

What I wish I had done was to stand at a high vantage point to get their attention, interrupt the feeding frenzy, and pose the following :

"Consider the level of reverence that you always give to your teacher and compare that with the respect you are displaying towards each other now."

Unfortunately, fearing retribution, I decided to take the coward's path which on reflection not only (in my opinion) did myself a disservice but did the people I was sharing my weekend with a disservice too.

Getting better everyday...

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