Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Acceptance can be thought of in many ways.

Here's a popular one:

Another might be an oft heard phrase where I live:

"Yapacak bir şey yok" translates from Turkish to something like "There's nothing we can do".

Arguably the most relevant in today's world is:

or to put in another way:

... self acceptance.

When I was a youngster attending university, I used to spend a fair few afternoons watching the Oprah Winfrey Show.

I particularly remember one show when Oprah was chatting to the audience about a phenomenon that often occurred at the end of her interviews with famous people. To paraphrase:

"Do you know that after a show with significant public figures , like a president for example, when the lights do down and the cameras and microphones are turned off, they often ask me the same question...?

'Did I do okay?'

It just goes to show that even people in high positions who are regularly in the public eye feel the need for reassurance - a little pat on the back."

Feel free to compliment someone today...(maybe you)

Getting better everyday...

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