A Simpler Life

When I decided to quit my job to help improve people's English, I found myself getting a teaching qualification from a school in Thailand.

The school was situated in a residential street and thus was surrounded by family homes. A few small businesses had developed as a result of the school bringing in people with pounds and dollars to spend. There were a couple of food places, a laundromat and, erm, one of those places Thailand is famous for.

Three houses down the road, every day, the husband and wife would roll up their front door (it was like a roll up car garage door!) and invite customers to their humble home.

Each day, either the husband or the wife would write on a small piece of paper what the menu was for the day and they would put a big table outside in front their home. This particular "restaurant" had only one table!

One day I heard that that school was moving to another part of town and I was worried about this family and where their income would come from. So, I expressed my concerns:

Me: So, I hear the school is relocating. Will you move too? Just so that you don't lose your income?

Thai: (smiling) No. We no move.

Me: (perplexed) But how will you earn money? How will you put food on the table?

Thai: (pointing to the sea which was 150 meters down the road) Sea has fish.

I felt pretty stupid at that point. Seems we westerners are over-complicating our lives, whereas the easterners find joy in the simple things


Getting better everyday...

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