Time to

Get Ready!

for a better future

Keys to Success!


Before class


Super Flashcards

  • bring a stack of cards (don't use paper) to create new flashcards

Brain Power

  • make sure you bring your brain to class!

A Smile a Day

  • Smiling is very useful too!

Sleep Well

  • make sure you get enough sleep the night before

During class

  • use your brain!

  • ask lots of questions!

After class

Notes - this lesson

  • neatly copy your class notes into your note book

  • make sure that you understand everything

  • if something isn't clear, write down a question to ask Mark hoca in the next class

Notes - previous lessons

  • regularly review your notes from previous classes

  • write down questions that you have for your next class


  • take a little time 5 days a week to practice - this means writing and speaking (not reading nor listening)


  • discover 10 new words every day - building your vocabulary is super important!

  • review your flashcards at least 5 times per week

Lesson hours: Study hours

  • 1 lesson hour = 2 study hours is a good rule to use

Getting better everyday...

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