How many lessons should I book?

Students usually book anywhere from 1 to 5 lessons per week. Recommendations will be given based on your goals.In the end, the number of lessons you have each week is entirely up to you.

What happens in the first lesson?

In order to create your own personalised program, you will be asked:

  • to tell us about yourself
  • to explain your goals
  • to let us know your timeframe if you have one
The most important part of the first lesson is getting to know who you are as a person.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. Circumstances can change. If you are unable to continue studying a refund of the unused balance will be sent to you upon request.

Will my lessons be with Mark hoca?

Yes! All lessons are with Mark hoca.

How can I book lessons

At the moment, there is no online booking system. The best thing to do it get in contact with Mark hoca and arrange your first lesson. Each week, his timetable is updated and you can choose any lesson time that you want.

What are the pricing options?

Check out the pricing page to discover the price per lesson and what discounts you can take advantage of!

Can I book a trial lesson?

You sure can. Trial lessons are 30 minutes. Simply choose the Trial Lesson price and you will receive the weekly Availability schedule. Then choose the time that is best for you.

How long is each lesson?

One standard lesson is 50 minutes. However, they often last 55 or more. The lesson duration depends on what's being covered, if something important needs to be finished and if there is another lesson after yours or not. Being a thoughtful and polite person helps too!

Can I have a shorter lesson?

Yes you can. Half-lessons are possible. Although they are not suitable for classes such as exam preparation, presentation skills, interview practice etc.

I'm A1-A2 level. Is that okay?

Unfortunately. no. The best teachers specialise for certain levels and I'm best for B1-Proficiency and higher. Good luck!