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English Conversation - Video One


Part 1: 02:08

R11. What is the woman's name?

R12. Where is the man from?

R13. Where is the woman from?

R14. Where is the woman's sister?

R15. What is the name of the third person?

R16. Where is she from?

R17. What kind of hat does the man have?

R18. What else did the man bring?

Part 2: 16:10

R21. How is the weather?

R22. What are they looking at?

Part 3: 20:28

R31. What is Peter's surname?

R32. What is in the kitchen?

R33. Who needs help?

R34. Who is helping her?

R35. Where are her ancestors from?

R36. Where are Jack's ancestors from? Do you remember?

R37. Who do you spell your name?

R38. Is Alice working?

R39. Where does Peter live?

R40. Is Sharon Peter's girlfriend?

Part 4: 25:35

R41. What does Anne want to buy?

R42. What is your postcode?

R43. Write down the English question words with the Turkish ones e.g. kim = who

Part 5: 37:28

R51. Which room is it?

R52. What is Alice doing?

R53. What can you see on the table? (hint: there is, there are)

R54. What must Alice do?

Part 6: 42:58

R61. What time does Sharon normally come home from work?

R62. What will they do at 10.30?

Part 7: 49:19

R71. The music expert has a real name "Anthony" and a __________ "Tony". (fill in the gap)

R72. What is the Turkish word for "journalist"?

R73. What is another word for "good looking"?

R74. Is the actor older or younger than 50?

to be

S11. What is Anne doing when she meets Jack?

S12. What is the issue with Jack's bag?

S13. What can you say about Anne's sister?

S14. When we first see Alice, what is she doing?

S15. Why does Alice say, "The Big Apple"?

S16. What does Alice offer?

S17. What point does the teacher make about the verb "to be"?


Describe the events that happen in Part 1.

Use at least 150 words.

Countries & Nationalities

S21. Where are they?

S22. What is happening?

T21. Why is Sharon silent at first?

Common questions

S31. Where does the scene start?

S32. What might happen next?

S33. What was the form for?

T31. Do you think there is a chance for romance between these two? Why?

Alphabet groupings & Numbers & Question words

S41. What is another way to say "zero" in English?

S42. In the American alphabet, which group does 'Z' belong to?

S43. How do you spell "1000"?

T41. Can you explain what Anne means by "points"?

T42. What is the connection between "teenager" and numbers?

Prepositions of Place

S51. What is Anne looking for?

S52. Does Alice have lots of energy?

S53. What does Jack need to catch?

S54. What advice does Alice give Jack?

T51. What is the word to describe her dress style? (hint: opposite of casual)

T52. Describe both of the girl's moods.

T53. Describe the positions of some of the things in your room.

Telling the time

S61. Jacks says "It's a quarter to seven". Is he correct?

S62. What does "confused" mean?

T61. Describe in detail the clothes they are wearing.

T62. Why do you think they are having dinner together?

Cinema discussion

S71. What are "interests"?

S72. What does "adore" mean?

S73. Who is the subject of the first discussion?

S74. Is "interesting" the same as "interests"? Explain.

T71. What are some other ways can we give the idea of "adore"?

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