Breaking News English 


Breaking News English is a brilliant website prepared by Sean Banville. 

It will help you to improve your speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary - all in a fun and interesting way.

Your Assignment

Part 1 - Setup

Your best future awaits you ...

Please go to (BNE) and select a topic that interests you.

It's best to select either Level 3 or Level 6:

  • Level 3: easier

  • Level 6: harder

I recommend that you download the pdf under the PRINT heading. It usually says something like "27 Page Lesson Plan"

You can either download the mp3 or use the online listening options.

Hint:  it's best to download the mp3s and use a media player like      VLC.

Part 2 - Exercises

The great thing about BNE is the almost limitless exercises that you can do. 

All of them are beneficial, however the best ones and their recommended times to do them are:

B = before listening or reading; A = after listening or reading; W = with your teacher

  • Vocabulary matching (B)

  • Synonym and Phrase matching (B)

  • Discussion questions (W) - prepare your answers before class; add your own questions

If your listening skills are weak, you should use the Dictation feature under the "Listen" menu.

There are many exercises that are just fun to do - make sure you check them all out.



Part 3 - Question Time


This is the part where you create some questions about the article(s) that you read that we can discuss in class.


Please create at least 5 questions:

  • 3 that ask about information in the story

  • 2 that ask about what you think about the story

Some examples:

  • Why did the scientists use the barometer in the first experiment?

  • Do you agree with the methods that they used in the study? Can you think of a better way to do the research?

Before class:

  • send me the weblinks for the article(s) you chose

  • send me your questions

I will ask you these exact questions - so prepare some great answers!!! 

You can use my Recording System to improve your speaking at home.

Part 4 - Get Ready for Class

Before you arrange a class time, you should prepare flashcards for the words that you want to remember and use in the future. 

I designed the USeR system to help you quickly and powerfully learn and recall the words you need and prepared this video to help you reach your goals.

In class you should check your flashcard sentences and work through the discussion questions.

Of course, you should try to use your new words as much as possible!

Getting better everyday...

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